Home Goals: My Favourite Interior Design Aesthetics

My partner and I finally have the opportunity to redecorate the living room a little and I could not be more excited. We moved into our furnished rental flat over a year ago, but have not been able to fully decorate due to rules/time/financial constraints. It’s been a source of low-key frustration; our flat looks fine, but it doesn’t quite feel like a home.

We popped into IKEA last week and were surrounded by endless possibilities. We picked up shelves, lampshades, lamps, and boxes, ready to change things up. This trip and rearranging our living room has gotten me thinking about my favourite aesthetics that I want to try to incorporate into my home. Here are some of them:



Features: layered wool, fur and knitted textures, a wood base, cool colour palette and clean lines



Features: raw materials such as brick and metal beams, hanging lights, cool and warm colour palette



Features: pieces from any era cohesively blended together, personality, colourful, balance



Features: neutral colour palette, ultra-clean lines, few possessions, streamlined furniture



Features: rich patterns, vibrant colours, layered textiles, purposefully messy and carefree, nomadic and worldly vibes

Do you guys like these styles? What are your favourites? Do you think any are over/underrated? Hit me up on Twitter @apageoutofchloe or comment below so we can chat about it. I love hearing from you.

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