Pizza, Cats, and Blankets: My Favourite Webcomic Artists

I am obsessed with webcomics. They are funny, relatable and bring me a lot of joy. Every one has its own style and structure and I love them. But here are some of my favourites – maybe one of your faves is in here.

Sarah Graley

Sarah Andersen

Shen comics

The Awkward Yeti


C. Cassandra

This is why we don’t get invited to parties. Happy Halloween! πŸŽƒ

A post shared by Cassandra Calin (@cassandracalin) on

Jaiden Animations




Queen Usagi
Scott Falco
Son Tuyen Huynh

The Pigeon Gazette

Natalya Lobonova

Loryn Brantz

Adam Ellis


So did you recognise any of them? Are any of these your favourites? Got any recommendations? Hit me up on Twitter @apageoutofchloe or comment below so we can chat – I love talking to you all!

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