10 Video Games That Really Butter My Eggroll

Want to know what I’m doing in my spare time? Well, besides watching Tasty videos and daydreaming, I’m often seen playing video games. Now, I grew up on the PlayStation, DS and Wii, but have played more PC games as I’ve gotten older. Some of my favourites include:

Life is Strange – PC

Man, what an experience. To summarise, you play Max, an 18-year-old photography student who gains the power to manipulate time in order to save her friend Chloe. LIS is a great experience full of beautiful artwork, an interesting narrative and great gameplay mechanics. Now, sometimes the dialogue can get a bit weird – ‘welcome to the mosh pit, shaka brah’ and ‘go fuck your selfie’ being the most iconic in my opinion – but that’s part of the charm. Also that soundtrack though! I listen to it constantly on Spotify. I’m looking forward to playing the prequel, Before the Storm, as soon as I can afford to play it.

Monster Prom – PC

I did a more in-depth review of it in another post, but I have to add it here too. Monster Prom is the first multiplayer competitive dating simulator in which the player tries to get a date for the prom in three weeks. Oh, and you’re both monsters. Funny and upbeat, Monster Prom has some of the best writing I’ve seen for a while. That combined with its creative storylines make it an absolute riot to play. I have been telling everyone I can find to play Monster Prom because I just love it so much.

OneShot – PC

Ah, OneShot, what fun we had together; solving puzzles, saving the world and becoming a god. To explain, in OneShot, you guide a girl named Niko through a dying world in order to replace The Sun as foretold in a prophecy. You’ll get hooked on the old-school art style and music. But the highlight of it all is Niko herself. Curious but unsure, she is told that you, the player, are an omniscient god. You have the power to answer her many questions with the truth or maybe troll her a little. The bond you form with her is real and god I love her. Just remember, the title isn’t messing with you; you really do only have one shot.

Undertale – PC

What hasn’t been said about Undertale at this point? You’re a child that has fallen into an underground world of monsters and magic with only one goal: return home. Armed with a vintage art style, unique characters and a fab soundtrack (seeing a pattern here?) Undertale took the world by storm back in 2015. This game has so many memorable moments and characters that have wormed their way into my heart (Papyrus and all of the dog characters are my favourites.) The soundtrack literally got me through the final weeks of writing my dissertation last year.

Animal Crossing: Wild World – DS

Alongside Mario Kart, Animal Crossing: Wild World was one of the first video games that I adored. I’ve put hours into it and I still play it on my DS today. It’s a relaxing world to be in and it’s a joy to chat to characters, participate in events or just watch the day pass by. I’ve tried other AC games like New Leaf and City Folk, but none of them grabbed me like Wild World does; nostalgia is a strong force.


Overwatch – PC

First person shooters usually aren’t my thing. I’ve watched my dad play Call of Duty and Fallout for a long time but they just never gripped me; that is until I played Overwatch. I first got into the lore (what there was of it anyway) and then gave it a go on my friend’s account. It was tough at first for a noob like me, but I really enjoyed myself once I got the hang of things. My favourite heroes right now are Mercy, Moira and Zenyatta, with honourable mentions to D.Va, Sombra and Orisa.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator – PC

Dream Daddy ticks all of my boxes; it’s funny, stylish and charming. As the name suggests, you design a dad and woo other dads in order to find The One. I have put way too many hours into this game trying to find all the secrets and endings, much like with Monster Prom. The writing is funny and nerdy, with enough social anxiety and awkwardness to be relatable. My favourite character is Amanda, your in-game daughter; if I had a kid, I’d want her to be like Amanda, but I  also kind of want to be her. It’s confusing, but in a good way (I think).

Night in the Woods – PC

I think you know what I’m gonna say here: beautiful art style, great characters and writing and a fab soundtrack. With the sprinkling of puns (looking at you, Pastabilities) and intriguing storyline, I was hooked from the start with this little one. It has some platforming and puzzle elements similar to Limbo and Oneshot with an art style that’s similar to Kurzgesagt’s YouTube videos. The humour is dry and witty, sometimes situation based which can make for some good laughs. The setting is a small town that feels so real and has a charming vibe. If that floats your boat, I’d recommend!

Mario Kart – Nintendo DS, Wii and Switch

Do I even need to say much about this one? Mario Kart is great; it’s fun, easy to pick up and I’m pretty sure most people know how to play by now. I’ve been playing Mario Kart since I was a kid on the original DS and have played every version since. I love it because it’s one of those games that brings people together and can be played anytime with anyone. When I visited my partner’s family in Norway for Christmas, we ended up playing it with his cousins and had fun, despite not really being able to communicate. The only thing I dislike besides the odd track is what my friends and I dub Mario Kart bullshit. This is where you’ve been killing it all around and suddenly every item in the world gets thrown at you, making you go from second to last in seconds; that is the WORST. Also, I prefer the motorbikes to the karts – don’t at me!

Stardew Valley – PC

Stardew Valley is a cute little farming simulator from 2016. What I love about Stardew is the calmness of it. It’s easy to pick up and the kind of simple that absorbs you for hours. There’s nothing that can’t be fixed, no-one that can’t be reconciled. There are many mysteries and secrets, but there’s no rush or pressure to work them out. You can just play; just exist in this little world, miles away from anything else. It’s just a nice place to be.

What are your favourite games? What do you think of these ones? Let me know below!

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