Monster Prom: The Monstrously Funny Dating Sim

A few days ago I was minding my own business (read: watching food videos on YouTube) when my girl Emma over on Why Words Work messages me about a new game; Monster Prom. All I needed to hear were the words ‘monster’, ‘dating sim’ and ‘Arin Hanson’ and I was down for it.

Fast forward today. I am currently 10 hours deep into the game and have not only dated all of the potential love interests but I have also seen almost all of the events for the game – I even got an achievement for it! Today, I am ready to give my thoughts on the gem that is Monster Prom. Let’s dive in, shall we?

What the heck is Monster Prom?

Developed by Beautiful Glitch and published by Those Awesome Guys, Monster Prom is the first multiplayer competitive dating simulator in which the player tries to get a date for the prom in three weeks. Oh, and you’re both monsters. Unlike typical dating sims in which you go on dates and various events with your partner, in Monster Prom you go to various areas in the school to up the stat most appealing to your target; the gym for charm, the classroom for smarts, the bathrooms for boldness and so on. Your stats, determined by a personality quiz at the start, can save you if you fail to impress your crush in an event and may well score you a date to the prom.

How awesome is that??

Right off the bat when you load up the game the music is awesome! The soundtrack is one of my favourite parts of it, particularly the credit song. The fact that you can play multiplayer is also fab. The writing is witty and engaging, with each character having a distinct voice. The humour is great. Casual, meta, not suitable for children; think Archer or Bojack Horseman and you’re in the right ballpark. The game isn’t afraid to break the fourth wall, harking back to the game’s Kickstarter origins by making jokes about Startkicker’s impossible promises amongst other moments. In trying to be relatable and funny, the game has dated itself due to its references to memes, dabbing and using phrases such as ‘dope AF’. These moments can be cringey and take you out of the moment but are funny on the whole.

The art style is amazing! Every character has their own style which I would absolutely wear in real life. They are cute and attractive – my personal favourites are Vera the Gorgon, Damien the Demon and Amira the playable fire girl. There’s also an all-star cast to back them up with voice interjections; Arin Hanson of Game Grumps plays Scott Howl the werewolf, Nathan Smith AKA Natewantstobattle is Damien and Cryoatic is Liam the Vampire. Not only that, but Jesse Cox was such a fan of the raw demo that he became a producer. Talk about starstruck!

Other bits I like about this game:

  • picking your pronouns
  • it’s actually a challenge
  • the rejections if you fail – harsh, but hilarious
  • the achievement tags
  • the background characters – specifically the skeleton in the gym

We’ve had the good and the great, time for the not-so-great.

The multiplayer feature is what makes this game unique and provides challenges to the players to switch the play order or mess up each others’ chances with their date. In order to do this, it asks players to do things such as call out an object then vote on the one that would make the weirdest sexual partner. Now, these can be great, but they can also be grating when there are just two of you as you’re changing order every two minutes. Three people plus is optimum for this particular feature.

In the game, there is a cat lady who runs the shop where you can get stat-boosting items or events. She moves from area to area, marked on the sign to the left of the screen. This can be frustrating if, say, you want to boost your creativity in the theatre but, surprise, she is there instead. It makes you feel as though you have wasted your turn, particularly if you do not have any money on you. Take it from me – watch where she is before you move!

All in all, I adore Monster Prom and will absolutely grind it until I see every event, outcome and secret ending. It is charming, funny and interesting and I absolutely recommend trying the game out if you’re a fan of dating sims or choose-your-own-adventure novels. Give it a whirl and let me know what you think down below!

Buy it here

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