Holy smokes, a Batman manga?

I wrote this a few months ago and can honestly say that I am pretty proud of this one. I had a blast writing it and got quite a few people to laugh out loud when they workshopped it. All in all, I’m chuffed. Here’s page one of five of my Batman parody script.

Logline: Batman goes to high school and fights amateur villains to save his friends.

Parodying: Tropes of Batman and 90’s anime, specifically Sailor Moon.

Page 1

Caption: Tokyo, Japan. 1st April, 1996, 8:15am

Panel 1: Large panel. Distance shot, as if from across the street. We see a typical white town house with brown roof tiles. There is a smooth concrete wall surrounding it with a trimmed hedge on top. A barred balcony sits under one of the windows. It’s a sunny morning. The roof is blown off with shout lines coming out of it. The bedroom with the balcony is lit. The atmosphere feels loud, as if chaos has suddenly occurred.


Bruce: Ah! I’m gonna be late!

Panel 2: Small panel. Close up of front steps of the house. We see hairy legs in white knee-high stockings putting on conservative black shoes. The white stockings both have one small bright red bow just under the knee. Place this panel inside the first panel in the corner.

Panel 3: Large panel. Finally, we see our protagonist. He is a fully-grown man wearing a short and tight fitting sailor outfit. He has midnight blue hair that’s poofy on top of his head and a slight fringe (think Lance from the original Voltron series). His face is serious, almost concerned. There’s a five o’clock shadow across his jaw. Bruce is not wearing glasses. He’s wearing a white shirt with blue collar and bright red bow on the chest. A short pleated blue skirt shows legs that are very pale and muscular. He has a jet-black leather backpack with black batwings on either side (think Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon). He is running down the street with a piece of toast in his mouth.

Batman voice over: A car would be great right now.

There’s a thought bubble above Bruce’s head of a car similar to the batmobile in ‘Batman and Robin’ (1997)

Will Batman make it to school on time? What adventure awaits him? Let me know if you want more!

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